Nail Polish Filling

Nail Polish Filling Case Study

When it comes to nail polish filling Case Mason offers something that nobody else does: everything. From high-speed production – we have a 30-million-units-per-year manufacturing capability to in-house tooling, to an experienced team of technical experts we offer turnkey solutions and total satisfaction.

Case Mason has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge with the expertise to develop and produce virtually any combination of components or product viscosity – from water-based youth brands to the well-known high-end salon names. We maintain a long-standing partnership with Keystone Industries, producing some of the finest gel and lacquer formulations.

Our extensive inventory of machinery is also highly flexible and versatile, and can be repurposed quickly and efficiently to accommodate the most difficult product and packaging requirements.

Case Mason clients look to us to solve their biggest challenges like unusual package shapes, unique labeling or specialty formulations. We can even handle large glitter particle polishes. That’s something many other companies are unwilling or unable to do.

Whether the needs of your nail polish products are average, extraordinary or anywhere in between, Case Mason will fill your needs with speed, service and satisfaction.