e-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce has completely revolutionized the retail shopping industry. Today, more and more consumers are choosing to shop for clothes, accessories, makeup, appliances, household items, etc. online instead of visiting traditional, brick and mortar stores. E-Commerce allows the consumer to browse and purchase a virtually unlimited variety of products online and then have those items delivered within hours or days, or elect to pick the items up in-store.

Although, e-Commerce has greatly simplified the purchasing process for the consumer, it presents challenges for retailers. This is where Case Mason can provide relief. Case Mason offers turnkey solutions to support our customers’ omni-channel e-Commerce marketing initiatives. We take on the responsibilities of shipping, warehousing, production, pick & pack, inventory management, fulfillment and distribution. We work directly with the retail brands by creating live production portals and inventory reports that can be accessed by the retailer at all times. This transparent partnership model has been the focal point for our e-Commerce clients.